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Somatic Movement Education

Somatic Movement Education is a innovative and holistic approach to movement re-education. It connects body sciences, psychology and movement to help to understand more about the body-mind connection and move toward greater integration. It creates well-being by dynamic, embodied presence and regains awareness and sensation, allowing the brain to remember how to relax and move the muscles properly. Movers learn to organize their attention and receive feedback from their physical sensations in movement, rather than relying primarily on visual perception of external form. It brings awareness to consciously re-pattern movement habits and investigate creative resources. This begins a process of self-inquiry that empowers us towards sustainable self-care.


Somatic Movement explores the relationship to the inner support and movement of breath, organs, skeleton and fluids. By learning how to open and balance movement, muscles, breathing and posture you can delvelop a physical and mental state of relaxation, alertness, effective action and compassion. This state of body-mind integrity is the key to handling any of life's challenges effectively.



MOVING INTO BEING applies Somatic Movement Education with creative skills required to use movement with sensitivity, imagination and individuality. Kinesthetic awareness and Somatic philosophy are incorporated with dance, movement and yoga practices. All sessions are taught in the name of self-discovery, non-judgement and reflection, supporting everyone’s individual needs and approach.










  • Improved physical, emotional and spiritual health

  • Develop internal strength and empowerment

  • Inhabit and realign body

  • Mental and emotional stability

  • Releasing stress

  • Feeling vital, healthy and balanced

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There is something in nature that form patterns. We, as part of nature also form patterns. The mind is like the wind and body is like the sand; if you want to know how the wind is blowing, you have to look at the sand. 




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